• Date: 12 July 2022


The regulation of the digital nomad law is ready.  This is all there is to know about it: The primary objective of this new regulation is to promote the attraction of workers and service providers that are carried out remotely, in order to encourage long-term visits to Costa Rica and increase the expenditure of resources of foreign origin in the country. REQUIREMENTS:
      • Not be a resident foreigner.
      • Proof that you receive a stable remuneration during the last year for an amount equal to or greater than the three thousand dollars. If it is a family group, it is increased to four thousand dollars for all people in total.
      • Medical services policy that covers the applicant for the entire duration of the stay or for the entire family group.
      • Make the single payment for the granting of the visa, the amount is to be defined by the Directorate of Immigration and Immigration.
      • The requirements defined by the Directorate of Migration and Immigration.
      • They are exempt from income tax.
      • They will not be considered as normal residents for purposes related to taxes..
      • Exemption from the payment of all taxes on the importation of personal equipment computer, information technology, telecommunications or similar.
      • The person’s foreign driver’s license remains valid for the purposes of driving in Costa Rica.
      • They will be able to open savings accounts in the banks of the national banking system.
 Digital nomads visiting the country with their family group must fill out a specific form.

If you have any questions you can contact the email: contact@forza.legal